Monday, March 17, 2008

Cute Little Doll for your Little One

The other day I was watching Martha Stewart and she had on Emily Martin from Inside a Black Apple making the cutest most sweetest doll. After downloading the pattern, my youngest and I went up to my craft room to get to work. L. helped me pick out the fabric (and also helped me sewing a little bit of it) then she also helped me stuff the doll.

ssshhhh!  Birthday gift for K.

Also, this past weekend the girls and I colored eggs. We had alot of fun and managed to not make too big of a mess. On a side note, never leave the 3 year old alone with the egg dye even for a second to help your 7 year old.

Easter Egg Dying time amongst us

L. dying her egg

K. dying her egg

Finished eggs


On another side note, those wire things that come with the kit, never seem to work for me and I managed to get nice blue fingertips.
Even I have

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